Daemoniacus - Daemonum Interitum et Agone Deos [Full​-​length 2017]


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Intro 06:08
I am the one who gave his back to the whip I am the disorder among the blinded, The chaos within the quiet The black wolf among the sheep I am the rebelion that threatens the routine I am the one who tries to open your eyes, To expel from you all the lies, The great evil humanity has ever seen I am the light bringer to the slaves I am the closed door of their mind, There is no more excuse to be blind. The nothingness slowly fades. I thought on the unquestionable believe, said it was a lie, And for that I am evil
feeding the greed of the might scavengers of flesh crushing the corpse, over my own blood, shall, rain, from the sky feeding the greed of the might scavengers of flesh crushing the corpse, over my own bring forth the end of the light, welcome to the darkness feeding the corpse again and again shall the earth become a red paradise paralyzing is the agony of all this, this hell in which we are part this disease home, forfeit your habits let yourself be consumed by the flames paralyzing is the agony of all this, this hell in which we are part this disease home,forfeit your habits
Escuridão 04:10
Um mortal à procura de um rumo Por entre montanhas da existencia, Entranha o espirito da destruição, Reencarna a alma do mal. A escuridão apodera-se do comum dos mortais. Escuridao, Destruiçao Inferno, Solidão Escuridao, Destruiçao O mal no coração A escuridão é a verdadeira existência do homem Apos tantos anos, de luta, contra a morte Ele aprende o significado da vida, à medida que a luz desaparece Contra o conformismo da natureza, a sua rebelião começa O inimigo sao todos aqueles, que la em cima cegaram a humanidade Contra eles, a destruição ataca Contra todos, Contra todos
The fumes of the death are in the air like poison a plague more cruel and pitiless then war , and it was sent it for us A pestilence that will leave our kingdom dead . where did it come from? What caries this germ? The priest told us it's god's punishment for what sin do we deserve this hell? That's not god's work, but witchcraft or devilry There is no god, crucify the law I'm my own god, crucify the law That's god's curse
we are the master: Wounds, the weakness of the flesh - burns in us War, the dispute for power - revived our soul We fear no enemy, we destroyed the kingdom of heaven - Fear us Now that the time has come, embrace our will, or die in vein - Be forgotten. Blood, has already been spilled, follow us to hell Follow… to hell… Freedom will rule the earth, no more rules to chain you to misery But remember: We are the master.
In the heaven all scum is in fear, ‘cause we are now coming from the land to heaven we march, angels blood we will drink Our legion grows feeling the sweet sound of angels screaming The forgotten dream of heaven burning is now our motivation Angels falling from the sky And now they will not fly To heaven war has arrived Daemons impaling divinities We stroked with all our power, god had no change May god not bless you he’s now dead May god not bless you he’s head is burning… Burning, burning….
under unknown cursed wings: The shadow spreads upon me as I walk to the path of doom Alone, surrounded by the blackesta nothingness of existence My destiny is already known, and still, my soul keeps in tour Taking me to the unknown. I’m writing this message so that all common souls may learn How I was deceived by a shadow darker and more powerful Then my unholy existence and unexistence combined in rage. It is now time to overpass the no return depths of Satan’s insanity. The Black Wings founded my trail and now they set my path Guiding me to immorality, opening the rusty doors in my mind How many daemons will they find? Curse them, curse them all. Oh, why did I engaged in this disturbing journey to find life? Time has passed since the last update… spring is now gone And the dreadful dry of summer breeze arrived fast and strong I find my ego under Unknown Wings, drawn to unreal obscure things. My soul has been chained to this hunted and forsaken valley of kings. [A week from last entry] The wings kept my flame burning and the once blaze is now the massive fire that burns the night, proudly and strong. There is no better hour then the heated middle of the night, To do what I was intended to, fast and unforeseeable. [Lost track of time] This may be the end of my complex journey to the unknown. It all went wrong, I am like blood between the sword and the wall. In my sleepless nights I revive that simple and fast denying movement That with no word spoke with a cold genteelness to my hears: - I was never yours. Excerpts from a cursed diary, under unknown cursed wings.
Sinto o tempo nos meus ombros O peso das gerações derrotadas, Vidas em vão, pela morte ceifadas, Quimeras soterradas nos escombros. Guerreiros da pátria, naufragados, Com mãos gélidas, olhos vazios, Vindos da história, dos túmulos frios, Esboçando sorrisos desolados. Rodeiam-me desesperados, quase em pranto, Mas estrangulam, asfixiam-me tanto...
I blame god, glorium satan This will be my throne, glorium satan I decide my life, glorium satan I blame god, glorium satan Feel the rise, I feel the rise Hail satan, all is divine Glorium satan, glorium satan When the ancient gods say all is mine, Feel outside all this time all is the true satan in all times In the real life, shows the blame of god fell al pain shippe at my side All day shall rise, Over the dignaty, rise, exalted and ride the power, satan, Feel high the sun shipped on my side, battle on me About light of me there shall come the darkness, satan all lie satan, all lie, satan, all lie, glorium satan, before the pain, your live hail, hail Feel the pain of all their lies, I feel the rise! glorium satan, satan
While the flesh doesn't rot, I will continue with the insanity of black metal music art. Every human will end up alone in this world, where he commands the power of nature. I will never rely on the desire of others. See you in purgatory. We'll leave our mark in History.
It is not devilry or witchcraft. 1348! All sinners 1348! All sinners In the battle with the Christians, I use my sword. Has your rotten cross, all sinners. All Christians in all the fucken journey, all sinners, I am the herege, I am the fucken herege, I am possessed by evil, all sinners. It's not devilry or witchcraft I am the herege, I am the fucken herege, I am possessed by evil ...


1. Intro instrumental
2. Intro of Death
3. Feeding the Corpse (re-release)
4. Escuridão
5. Black Death 1348
6. We Are the Master
7. May God Not Bless You
8. Under Unknown Cursed Wings
9. Povo Lusitano
10. Glorium Satan
11. Sounds of Fog instrumental
12. Honor et Valor (Bonus Track)
13. Medieval Issues (Bonus Track)


released November 30, 2017

DAEMONIACUS – Daemonum Interitum et Agone Deos – Full-length (2017)
Recorded at Estudio 213 in Oporto during June 2014 and March 2015.
Produced by Bruno Silva & Sonneillon BM.
Mixed and mastered at Studio Hanumam in Vila Nova de Gaia
and in São Mamede Do Coronado, Porto 2016-2017.
Released: 30th November 2017
Evil Prod/

Bellerophon Drums, Guitars (tracks 9-13), Bass (tracks 2, 3, 13), Vocals (tracks 9, 10, 12, 13), Lyrics (tracks 4, 5, 9, 10, 12, 13), Songwriting
Andromalius Guitars (lead), Songwriting (tracks 2, 7)
Grímur Hrukjan Guitars (lead) (tracks 2-8, 12, 13), Bass (tracks 2, 4-10, 12), Songwriting (tracks 2, 6, 8), Vocals (backing) (track 13)
Grond Guitars (lead) (tracks 3, 10)
Zargos Vocals
Eligos Vocals (backing) (tracks 10, 13)
Bruno Silva Guitars (lead) (track 12)
Miscellaneous staff
Emerson Maia Back art
Rosana Escaleira Photography
Sathronus Lyrics (tracks 3, 10)
Ishkur Logo (original), Layout, Songwriting (track 3)
Christophe "Volvox" Szpajdel Logo
Luis Venuza Cover art
Zargos Lyrics (tracks 2, 4, 6, 7, 8)
Bruno Silva Producer, Mixing, Mastering

Version desc.:
Limited edition
Evil Productions
50 copies


all rights reserved


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