Underworld Dominion [Split 2014]


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CD Split Underworld Dominion Malleus/ Sonneilon BM
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Estudio 213 in Porto (Portugal)
Released by Anaites records
Limited edition 1000 copies
Producer: Bruno Silva
Artwork by Lord Aghaven


Promo Video:


released August 19, 2014

Track List:
1. Malleus - Battle Fields 05:23
2. Malleus - Serpent´s Legions 06:05
3. Malleus - Serventh Sign 05:00
4. Malleus - Die Sohne Der Erde 04:42
5. Sonneillon BM - Intro 01:41
6. Sonneillon BM - Jesus is Dead 04:28
7. Sonneillon BM - Harlot 06:32
8. Sonneillon BM - Sem Medo de Perder 01:41
9. Sonneillon BM - Walk of Death 05:02
10. Sonneillon BM - The Bringer of Death 04:32

Recording Line Up:
Bellerophon - Songwriting, All Instruments, Lyrics
Zargos - Vocals, Lyrics
Bruno Silva - Bass

Guest Musicians:
Grímur Hrukjan - (Sonneillon BM) Lead Guitar (Jesus is Dead)
Quetzalcoatl - (Scarificare) Lead Guitar (Walk of Death)
Paulo Barros - (Tarantula) Lead Guitar (Sem Medo de Perder, The Bringer of Death)
Joana Ferreira - Violins (Walk of Death)
Haborym BM - (ex Beastanger) Backing Vocals (Walk of Death)

Target Distribution:
Corvo Records


Sons of Death Prods

Wolf War Distribuição

Ventos da Morte rec.

Infernal Rites Distro


all rights reserved


Track Name: Jesus is Dead
By Bellerophon
Jesus is dead
His throne doesn't exist
Baphomet place, his throne
Satan, lucifer
Release the beast, inside you
Evil satan, as all the madness
In the north, on the top of the mountain
I see and i fell the true meaning of the pentagram
This is black metal
Ave satan, the sky is black
Ave satan, no sun rises
Do you believe or someone makes you believe
Track Name: Harlot
by Zargos

the red of your blood is reflected in the sky
Whore, Down to your knees!

Open Your discusting mouth
And fulfill my desires of pleasure
No Lord can save you now
The dominion of the beast
has established the fate of your kind

rapped through generations
the bastards of god planted the seed of their madness
clothes cut off your body
your cunt exposed to blasphemy

violation is the destiny of your filthy being
fucked by the five lord of hell,
abused till your honored death.
I will rip your wide opened cunt.

Then your powerless god
will see the shame of your naked body,
Impurity and dirt
Laying on the floor

your blood painted righteousness to the world
Track Name: Sem Medo de Perder
by Bellerophon
sem medo de perder
historia nas suas veias
com honra e valor
com mil quilômetros de montanhas e picos
se faz a historia de bravura derrotas e vitorias
de um povo, e sua cultura
que vive na sua sombra, esquecida pelos mortais
outros que nela perdura suas memorias
enriquece o futuro com toda a esperança

queremos sem medo de perder
mentes feridas mentes tapadas
Track Name: Walk Of Death
By Bellerophon
walk of death
in the shadow of other side
we walk through to darkness,
at the notes of pain
like the noise of war,
like the sound of the violins

oh, that violinist

among the battle's destruction
each note giving strength
to the hopeless soldiers
on the haunted battle fields
by the sounds of nature

A new hope rises
even if in the walk of death
we meet
Our victory will come.

struggles for Christianity, its value eternally asleep
no other value, if not only by a thirst for victory
wounded minds minds plugged
waves swallow ships wounds
Wine in the quench, drink to evaluate its quality
its bitter taste

the story was not written by me
I can arrange a journey
this is the word of satan
single and lonely path
others that it endures his memoirs
enriches the future with all hope
Track Name: The Bringer of Death
by Zargos
The bringer of Death

As the sun lays down
and shadows cover the sky
a dark force rises
bringing the smell of flesh

The death
Is Coming
The Apocalypse,
In heaven.

Embrace the bringer of death
As their body turns to dust
Embrace the bringer of death
Your faith as been set

Embrace the bringer of death
As your body turns to dust

And there it comes
with Satan by its side
Unvailing the path to hell
All them will burn

A new order shall rise.
The angels will scream in pain

A new army shall rise.
Unthrone the lier.

A new army shall rise.
Unthrone the lier.

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