Wishlist Beyond Heritage [EP 2016]


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by Bellerophon Kill the Priest Birth is to be sentenced, In this fucken world of fuckin’ decay, Where we are bombarded all day! With this fucken corruption Kill the the priests and the pope They deceive the weak Man has always been the hope On hand of these bastards There is no mercy! (only)Just misery… Burn in Hell. Satan... Satan save the humanity Give us some dignity!!! Life is a lie! Humanity A lie… A lie… A lie… A FUCKIN’ LIE Birth is to be sentenced, In this fucken world of fuckin’ decay, Where we are bombarded, the fucken all day! With this fucken corruption Blasphemy
by Bellerophon PERPETUAL REMAINS believe in the infinite illusion of heaven the real truth it burns in hell don’t that bind on the spatial can not exist at that what is actually evil and good created by lucifer satan open your true mind Perpetual remains Is only and what remains Leave the hand of god Anti – Christ Anti- christ
The Cursed 05:10
by Eligos The Cursed I am a cursed and the scorched for the every being who dreams of one day be a prisioner I am the one who brings the truth the essence the reason to reflect on all so contempt I am the bringer of truth I am the bringer of war I am the flesh thath you want to eat Uncoincidently your are whitchered Cut the leashes of the ancient laws


Wishlist Beyond Heritage
Type:EP/ Release date: March 09th, 2016(bandcamp)
Label: Evil Prod
Format: Digital

Available in:
March 12th, 2016 - Evil Prod - Digital Bandcamp

Artwork by Hioderman Zartan design. Supported by Anaites Records. www.anaitesrecords.com

Kill the Priest and Perpetual Remains Tracks recording in 2011 & 2012
The Cursed recording at Nov 2015

all lyrics by M.M. & Bellerophon (Kill the priest & Perpetual Remains) and Eligos (The Cursed)
Pre-Orders Now: €5 EUR. for Physical CD. Available for listen in bandcamp one track!
Full tracks downloadable and streamable in 12th march 2016.


released March 12, 2016

recording during dez 2011 and april 2012 in Estudio 213. And in Nov 2015 in rehearsal. Oporto, POR.
mastered, mixed and produced by Bruno Silva & Sonneillon BM

Recording Line Up:
Bellerophon - Vocals, all instruments (Kill the Priest & Perpetual Remains)
Andromalius - Guitars (Kill the Priest & Perpetual Remains)

Eligos - Guitars, vocals, bass (The Cursed)
Grímur Hrukjan - Lead Guitar (The Cursed)
Bellerophon - Drums, Vocals (The Cursed)

Guest Musicians:
Paulo Barros (Tarantula) Solo Guitar (Kill the Priest & Perpetual Remains)
Nuno Lima (Dementia 13) Backing Vocals (Kill the Priest & Perpetual Remains)


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