Under Unknown Cursed Wings


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under unknown cursed wings:
The shadow spreads upon me as I walk to the path of doom
Alone, surrounded by the blackesta nothingness of existence
My destiny is already known, and still, my soul keeps in tour
Taking me to the unknown.

I’m writing this message so that all common souls may learn
How I was deceived by a shadow darker and more powerful
Then my unholy existence and unexistence combined in rage.
It is now time to overpass the no return depths of Satan’s insanity.

The Black Wings founded my trail and now they set my path
Guiding me to immorality, opening the rusty doors in my mind
How many daemons will they find? Curse them, curse them all.
Oh, why did I engaged in this disturbing journey to find life?

Time has passed since the last update… spring is now gone
And the dreadful dry of summer breeze arrived fast and strong
I find my ego under Unknown Wings, drawn to unreal obscure things.
My soul has been chained to this hunted and forsaken valley of kings.

The wings kept my flame burning and the once blaze is now
the massive fire that burns the night, proudly and strong.
There is no better hour then the heated middle of the night,
To do what I was intended to, fast and unforeseeable.

This may be the end of my complex journey to the unknown.
It all went wrong, I am like blood between the sword and the wall.
In my sleepless nights I revive that simple and fast denying movement
That with no word spoke with a cold genteelness to my hears:
- I was never yours.

Excerpts from a cursed diary, under unknown cursed wings.


from Early Times [DVD 2017], released February 11, 2017



all rights reserved


SONNEILLON BM Porto, Portugal

Black Metal Cult From Portugal.
a Pure Black Metal with lines of Death Metal are waiting to take you to the deepest catacombs of hell!

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